Everyday Luxury had to begin somewhere

The story

Earth and soul is an interaction between the material and non-material. The intention of our product is to free you mind up with comfortable and stylish clothing allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

Each Earth and Soul garment has been created to be versatile, stylish but appear simple with an emphasis on cut, material and colour.

How we interact with comfort and style tilts our impression of ourselves and shapes our community; it tells the story of who we are as individuals. We must own our style and protect our impressions. The focus is not on the perception of who we are, but on who we are authentically.

The begining

We intend to encourage the freedom to express and own your individualistic style responsibly outside fast fashion and outdated traditional fashion norms.

Creating delicate wears

Welcome to Earth and Soul, a path to wholesomeness, individuality and truth